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Trolley Gold

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Information sur le jeu
  • Restriction régionale:
  • Plateforme: Steam
  • Genre: Indépendant
  • Editeur: Mantis Games
  • Développeur: Mantis Games
  • Sortie: 17 March 2017
  • Langues:
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Plus d'informations
Do you want to collect all the gold in the world? The game “Trolley Gold” gives you this opportunity! In this game you have to get into the role of gold miners team. You control the two crew members who using uncomplicated mechanism drive the trolley. You need to catch the gold nuggets, which another friend of yours produces. He skillfully wields a pickaxe and never gets tired. Also you have other friends who are happy to help you with a variety of useful things, so that your team would be able to fulfill its main goal - to collect as much gold as possible. But it’s not so simple, throughout the game you will have to face many obstacles and enemies that with all the forces want to hinder you. Well, who said it would be easy? During the game you will visit several places around the globe and learn a lot of interesting things in the life of these gold diggers.

Features of the game:

-5 original colorfully drawn locations;

-Original enemies and obstacles throughout the game;

-System of assessment of passing the level;

-Realistic physics in the 2d world;

-Fascinating and original gameplay;

-Historical facts as the game progresses.
  • juank097
    great game