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Earn money with the Pandikey affiliation

Easy and fast, our affiliation program is dedicated to all video games fan who is actif in social network, forums, and platform as Youtube, Twitch. As affiliate, you can earn money (or video games) to share Pandikey to your community to purchase cheap video games.

How it work ?

As affiliate, you got affiliate links (reflink) and discount code. When someone buy a game with your reflink or your discount code, you got a commission on each sale !

Affiliate link
Discount code

Share your reflinks and discount code !
Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, Forums, Blog
Youtube, Twitter, Twitch


Earn a commission on your sales
If someone use your reflink or your discount code to place an order
on the shop, you got a commission on each sales.


Organize giveaways

Offer gifts to your community !

The giveaways is a great opportunity to improve your e-reputation, extend your community and rewards them to their loyalty. Organize a giveaway with your followers through pandikey and we will offer video games for the winners.

Which conditions to organize your giveaway ?

We ask a minimum of 2500 followers (twitter ou Youtube) to organize a giveaway in partnership with Pandikey.

Contact us
For any giveaway request, please contact us to click the button bellow to see together about all details.

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