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General questions
When you buy a licence on the shop, we send it to you by email with all the instructions and we link it to your account. You can consult it on page "My Licences" of your customer area.
At anytime, you can resend your licence by email from the "My licences" page or the "Order history" page of your customer area. If you didn't receive that email, you must add the address "" to your "authorized sender" list or to your contact list.

In order to activate en EA licence, you must have an EA account and the software Origin. Then log in the Origin software using your EA account. Once logged in, go to the toothed wheel button in the top right corner and click "use a product code".

To activate a Steam licence, you must Download and install the Steam software. Once installed, you must create an account and log in. In the lower left corner, go to "Add a game " then "Activate a Steam product".

When a product bought on Origin doesn't appear in your game list, you must click on the toothed wheel icon in the top right corner and choose "Refresh my Games".

When your transaction is on hold, it means that a security issue that requires a manual check has been detected. That process can take up to 24 hours. Once checked, your account is regularized, and you can continue shopping on our online store.
When you order a product on the shop, the summary of your cart is listed twice before you pay. It is important that you check that you didn't order the wrong product before you pay. However, if it turns out that you ordered the wrong game and that you have not received the license yet (valid only when transactions approval is pending) you can open a ticket to request the cancellation of your order. Note that it may happen that your transaction gets validated before your ticket is processed. In this case we will be unable to make the refund
After the payment, an email will be sent. That email contains your licence and the process to follow to activate and download your game. If you didn't receive that email, you must add the address "" to your "authorized sender" list or to your contact list, then use the "resend email" function. (cf. How to send back the licence by email?)
We accept several payment method, all completely secure:

- Credit card
- Skrill (Moneybookers)
- Paysafecard
- Paypal
There are no download limits. You can download a game as many times as necessary, without any limit in time.