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Terms of Use

Revive Distribution Ltd
Unit 117, Orion Mall, Palm Street
PO box 828 Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
IBC Registration No: 187990

Intellectual Property
The exploitation of the site as its content are intellectual and exclusive property of pandikey.. Presentations and each ot the data, included brands, logos, jackets, screen shots, vidoes and screenshots showned on pandikey are protected by the current laws on intellectual property and are property ogf commercial brands or deposite brands from their publisher.

Comments Products & Shops
All the comments brought by the users are checked by the pandikey team, which is the only one allowed to judge of their acceptability. No complaint is possible. Validation of a comment never being definitive, a validated comment can be removed from Bukey, without any possibility of complaint.

Product Information
All informations, screen shots or videos, on referenced items are not contractual.
We can not be responsible in case of error on technical characteristics of a product.

The personally identifiable information
pandikey commits not to disclose or sale personnal data as your name, adress, telephone or e-mail adress.
pandikey doesn't receive personnal data from children of less than 13 years.
In any case, your bank data are stored buy pandikey. Only you and the payment servcie used to pay the bill can have access to them.
According to the law  « informatique et liberté, 6 janvier 1978 » you can modify, or supress personal data which concern yourself.
For that, you only have to open a ticket :

How do we collect the informations ?
Pandikey collects personal data that you provide via email or directly online since the Pandikey web site.
Pandikey use also cookies to get informations about your visits, especially for automatically connection and cart. But these personal data will never been recorded via cookies technologie of your navigator

How do we use the personal data
Personal data are used to deliver the good product, inform you about new offers which could be of interest for you. And to bring you help in relation with your attempt in the best way possible.
Only your e-mail is used by our services. Your adresse is only used for facturation which is given to you at the end of your transaction.

Personal information and other information
Pandikey is not intended to receive confidential data from you. That i why, except personal data mentioned above, all information, in any way –document, graphs, question, suggestion, concept, remark… that you communicate on Pandikey will never been considered as confidential. Consequently, its simple transmission from you to us gives us the right to use, reproduce, diffuse, modify or transmit it in the purpose of handling your order.

Availability of website
You admit that it is technically impossible to provide a site exempt from any failure, and that Pandikey can not involve its responsibility. Failures can lead at temporary unavailability of the site and the site's working can be disrupted by events and/or elements that Pandikey doesn't control as, for example, means of transmission and communication between you and Pandikey, and between Pandikey and other networks.
Pandikey and/or its suppliers can at any time modify or cancel or break off, temporarily or permanently, in total or in part of the site to carry out maintenance operations and/or carry out improvement and/or modifications on the sites. Pandikey is not responsible for any modification, suspension or break off of the site.