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Earn money with Pandikey !

Dedicated discount code

We offers you single discount codes, starting 3%, at your organization name for you and your fans to help you get the best prices, the best way to retain your community.


We pay you up to 3% per sale done with your promo code, or your tracking link generated automatically after validation of your partnership.

Socials networks

We offer the organization of contests on social networks & through a dedicated webpage on our website. This will help you to promote your organization quickly and easily

Are you eligible to the #Partner program ?

You\'re looking for reliable partner an wish for a long term lasting relationship. You\'re the marketing manager of an organization, a player, youtuber, streamer or you just wish to benefit from the best prices for video games for you and your friends? Stop hesitating, the program #Partner is made for you!

How to subscribe to the affiliate program ?

After acknowledging the terms of the partner program, you can press the button \"Confirm my partnership\" at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to the partnership request form that must be filled and sent using the \"Send\" button. Once it is done, your partner workspace will be activated and you will be able to get your tracking link through it

The + of the affiliate programm

To become Partner, you choose a reliable and available partner. We offer you a 3% discount code applicable to every console video game, 3% remuneration and the organization of competitions. No limit is set (1 partnership = 1 project). We just ask you to respect the partnership conditions (cf. Visibility terms)